WUSA commits to the customer the full product service from date of purchase through end of product life in the regions where the WUSA products are sold. In some of the markets or territories, the service might be conducted by WUSA authorized resellers or service center. This information contents the general policy for the product warranty, product return and recall process, and the service guide line at the end of product life.

Depends on the different business terms, the resellers or distributors might apply other service policy at resellers’ or distributors’ cost or on the execution of additional warranty and service program to the consumers in their business regional. Under the guide line of this general policy, the additional spare parts will be provided at cost to the resellers’ and distributors’ if the extended program requires. The resellers and distributors may utilize the WUSA authorized service center for resellers’ and distributors’ extended warranty and service program at cost with agreed business term. Please contact your WUSA sales agent for details.
When you purchase WUSA product, you are entitled to one (1) year limited warranty service according to the terms and conditions in the limited  warranty statement within the warranty period in the country or locality where the WUSA product is marketed.

The warranty period starts on the date of purchase. Your dated sales receipt, which shows the date of purchase, is your proof of your purchase date. You may be required to provide the date of purchase as a condition of receiving warranty service.

Your WUSA product is warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship under the normal use during the limited warranty period except the scratch on the appearance, plastics accessories (bicycle bracket and clip) & rubber pads. Battery life is not warranted. As with all batteries, battery capacity will decrease with time or use *.

The defective material of your returned WUSA product will be repaired or replaced with the new, or equivalent to new, spared material in the provided warranty service. The replacement part takes on either the limited warranty status of the removed part, or the thirty (30) day limited warranty of the spare part, whichever is longer.