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wusa Boxing trainer for kick-boxing
Boxing Trainer utilizes advanced sensing technology and artificial intelligence, it is composed by smart targets with built-in sensors, which is operated through mobile APP. Various trainings can be carried out on the APP, including free fight, punching challenge and video teaching. It records and tracks your exercise performance with scientific data. 

Free fight mode tells your exercise performance, in terms of striking power as well as the cadence of your punches and kicks. 

Punching challenge guides your practice through computer programming to train your concentration, agility, and reaction. 

By artificial intelligence, as you play the Training video, the smart target hitting area will light up simultaneously to guide your punch in accordance with coach’s instruction. 

No matter in speed training, strength training, reaction training, etc., Boxing Trainer will record and track your sports performance with scientific data. It helps you effectively by increasing the power and speed of your strikes while improving reflexes and precision. It is not only suitable for professional boxers, but also suitable for boxing enthusiasts and novices.  

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